Tuesday, June 9, 2009

oh my gosh, where is my car?

so in between fevered fits of coughing and tossing and turning in the humidity, i managed to eek out a crazy dream.

setting: spanned the an apartment complex in the suburbs to an urban landscape a la an old european town, with plenty of alleys and homes with windows that open to each other, narrow streets and colorful characters abounding. I'm pretty sure there was a general white-washed feel to the background

So, a bunch of people are hanging out, my little brother, my dad, my brother's new marine friends. They are having some weird contest about who can do the most pushups or something, or maybe they are doing drill inside the house. but as soon as it's over, they all decided to go into town for dinner or something.

So I show up just as all this is wrapping up and I want to go, but i'm not ready. But it's okay. I have a car, I can meet up with them. So I get ready, then go outside, I walk to the place where my car is normally parked. not there. so i turn the corner and search for my car where i sometimes park it if the street is full. not there. so, i decide to look one group of parking spots over. NOT there.

panic sets in, and as I walk I find myself in some alley and I hit my car alarm. Instead of a horn sound, it makes a noise like clanging metal pipes. but it's moving! but I know it's my car. It's like a mother knowing the sound of her child's cries. Then, I followed it all over the place. But it dawned on me, I was looking for the wrong car. I drive an SX4 now, but the car in my dream was a VW GTI in red!

i found her and was relieved.

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