Tuesday, June 9, 2009

oh my gosh, where is my car?

so in between fevered fits of coughing and tossing and turning in the humidity, i managed to eek out a crazy dream.

setting: spanned the an apartment complex in the suburbs to an urban landscape a la an old european town, with plenty of alleys and homes with windows that open to each other, narrow streets and colorful characters abounding. I'm pretty sure there was a general white-washed feel to the background

So, a bunch of people are hanging out, my little brother, my dad, my brother's new marine friends. They are having some weird contest about who can do the most pushups or something, or maybe they are doing drill inside the house. but as soon as it's over, they all decided to go into town for dinner or something.

So I show up just as all this is wrapping up and I want to go, but i'm not ready. But it's okay. I have a car, I can meet up with them. So I get ready, then go outside, I walk to the place where my car is normally parked. not there. so i turn the corner and search for my car where i sometimes park it if the street is full. not there. so, i decide to look one group of parking spots over. NOT there.

panic sets in, and as I walk I find myself in some alley and I hit my car alarm. Instead of a horn sound, it makes a noise like clanging metal pipes. but it's moving! but I know it's my car. It's like a mother knowing the sound of her child's cries. Then, I followed it all over the place. But it dawned on me, I was looking for the wrong car. I drive an SX4 now, but the car in my dream was a VW GTI in red!

i found her and was relieved.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

crazy grocery bath/shower

so, a bunch of stuff i don't exactly remember ....

then I had to take a bath, and I turned on the water and was getting ready to get in, when some random guy stole my bath! I think he was my neighbor or something, but the bathtub was super huge and he wouldn't get out so I told him I was going to get in whether he liked it or not. Then he got out. And just as I'm relaxing and swishing around in the giant tub, someone walks up to me with a 40 pack of dannon activia yogurt. And i think to myself, whoa, i didn't realize they made packs in such a large quantity. Why is there yogurt in my bathroom. But i wasn't in my bathroom. I was in a grocery store. And I look at the guy who had been in the tub and was now in the adjoining shower and his response was, yeah, we are in a grocery store, i don't know why. shrug.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Case of mistaken identites

So, I go to a korean mega-church and decide to explore the offices behind the chapel. For some reason, my grandfather's belongings are there, as well as a bunch of random stuff cluttering every room. It feels so warm, because there is so much stuff.

I finally find a room that is free from vases, screens, religious phamplets, and books, just a mattress, desk, and laptop, maybe a MAC. Bits of paper were scattered about, with chemical formulas. I followed these pieces of paper until I came to the realization that it was a formulation for drugs, and it was my responsibilty to capture the perpetrator.

Cut to department store, and I'm walking past a vending machine and there is a lady inside of it, who is the dealer. We exchange some banter, and finally she puts down a little baggie of white powder. So, I go to the side of the machine so she won't see what's in my wallet, but before I make the buy, I realize that she is going to shoot me when i get back in front, so I go around the other side and a shootout ensues. My backup arrives, and her backup arrives. She flees. My backup gets injured, and is taken away, and the lady leaves, but I manage to subdue her partner, and as I'm mercilessly beating him, he tries to tell me that he is actually my partner, and I look, and it's like, wtf, you are! and then, I'm like, I let the bad guy get away! And so I go off to find the bad guy, but I forgot all about my partner just defenseless on the floor. So i think, Oh crap!
and when I go back, he is locked in a giant oven being burnt. and there is a london broil and a glass bottle of alcohol. I open the oven door to get him out, and the temperature shock causes the bottle to explode, sending glass shards into his back. Meanwhile, bad guy came back, and is trying to kill me. and one of his henchmen, an idiot, gets into the oven somehow and is also being burnt.

The badguy then told me that this guy wasn't my partner either and that he wasn't who i thought he was. I woke up, confused and slightly disturbed. It was a violent dream.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

bee dream

so i'm in the backseat of a nondescript car with my friend phillip in the passenger seat and another person i don't know in the drivers seat.
we are laughing, chatting, just having a completely normal conversation in the parked car in the parking lot with the windows down. then, two bees fly in. at first i thought, hrm, they look abnormally small, but just as i'm thinking that the bees swell in size as if offended by my thought.
they fly around and i am nearly paralyzed with fear as i am allergic to bees. i relax a bit when one leaves.
suddenly, there is a pillow in my lap and i'm trying to swat out the remaining one as gently as possible. it lands on the door and crawls across the small gap where the window is, i quickly raise the window.
then, i call to phillip several times to raise his window, but there is no response, so in hysterics i grab his shoulder very tightly and shake him and keep repeating my request. he begins to raise the window, but the bee has found its way back in.
*at this point i became conscious that i was dreaming, but i was still alseep*
so the bee flys straight to me and lands on my mouth. i can feel its little bee legs and feelers, very light and yet crushingly heavy...i was completely petrified, not breathing, a mixture of fear and trying to control myself so i could somehow get the bee outside and hopefully it would fly away.
*i woke up at this point. don't know how long i was still for in my dream. it was totally freaky. i swear i could feel the insignificant weight of the bee on my lips*

Thursday, October 9, 2008


i can't wait to get out of here. stir crazy

Monday, September 29, 2008

kinda like a street sweeper

so i was at my friend's place and the entire neighborhood was outside at their respective homes having cookouts or whatever.
and then after we finished my friend said, "hey, watch this" and then a street sweeper like vehicle drove by and sucked up the dishes that were outside and spit them out all clean.
apparently on Wednesdays, the neighborhood provides dish cleaning services but only if your dishes are outside

Saturday, September 20, 2008

french amputee skate park

so i was hanging out with some girlfriends (very much like the trailer for the movie the women) and we were in some one's lavish closet, just gossipping and helping our friend pick out something to wear on her date/to a party.
there was some french speaking happening, very poor grammar mind you.

fast forward she picks up this guy and apparently they go back to his place...

fast forward (and now i am the omnipotent observer) i am looking down at a skate park/ auto garage, very large and clean, but it is full of freaks.
turns out the dude she went on a date with was only a head and he was riding around on a skate board (i think propelling himself via his thought hands) and his friend on a bmx bike comes up to him and says, "hey, why don't you do some stunts?"
and the head says, "i don't feel so well"
and the bmx guy picks him up and says, "wow, you are awfully bloody today"
and the head says, "yeah, this girl did a number on me, but now i'm prepared for the next time/girl."
and the bmx guy says, "yeah, or any dudes" <-- i think it was like she poked his neck hole or something....anyways...
so head scoots off using his mind hands and i begin to float around. oh, the head looked like a surfer guy.

there is a guy working on his car, but his upper body is severed from his lower body, but then i realize that the upper and lower bodies don't match and there are 2 severed dudes. they are having a conversation about the pros and cons of being severed in half.

the garage/skate park was full of other weirdos, but i didn't really look at them too much, i was too engrossed in the severed body guys' conversation.

when i woke up, i thought, man, that was really really freaky. and geez, what a nice closet. and also, i need to practice my french skills so my dream grammar won't be so horrible